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Ways That You Can Take A Screen Shot On A Mac

Computers have made things in our life convenient. If you are in the design industry then probably you would want to use a computer that will be powerful enough in its operation. To choose best computer for graphic design, you can go for the mac since it’s capable to handle complex data. Sometimes the mac can be a challenge when you are using it since many people do not know how to operate the mac, with its shortcuts that can be very helpful to you when using it. With its challenging ways of using the mac, it’s up to you to learn the shortcuts in the mac that can help you when using it. The following article looks at ways that you can take a print screen on mac.

There are many ways that you can take the perfect screenshot on the mac and the first shortcut that we are going to look at is the press and release of the space bar. Where the crosshair turns, a camera icon will pop up which can be dragged to open a new window. You can click on the window of your choice to take the print screen on mac. The type of print screen always have a white border over the window with some shadow in it.

The other method that we can look at when taking the best print screen on mac is by pressing and also holding the space bar. For this type of shortcut it’s only applicable when you have highlighted an area and before you have released the trackpad or the mouse button if you always use the mouse. When the highlighted area has been selected, you do not have to worry since the position can be re-positioned in the shape that it is. This can be very helpful if you at first had selected an area but the selected area is not the perfect size that you wanted. The only trick that you need to use, is holding the space bar before releasing the track button and by that, you can take the print screen on mac.

Holding down the shift key can also be used as another way of taking a perfect screenshot. This can only be applicable when you have highlighted an area and only before releasing the mouse button is when you can use this method of taking a print screen on the mac. This combination can help you in locking the selected area side that has been made with the crosshair and will help you save the bottom side while letting you move the cursor of the mouse to help in positioning the bottom side. To summarize, all those pints that have been discussed above are the ways that you can make a good print screen on your mac.